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What's in my bag?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

What's in my backpack?

Double click on the underlined items for a link to the product.

*I am not affiliated with any of these brands*

Backpack- Osprey Atmos AG EX 65L. I typically don't carry the brain (top part) of the pack unless its an extra long trip and I need the space

Stove- Cheap pocket rocket off Amazon

Fuel- MSR fuel can. Size varies based on trip length. I usually pack 3.9 oz for shorter trips and 8 oz for anything over 3-4 days.

Pot- Cheap one off Amazon with a green handle

Utensil- Cheap one off Amazon

Sponge- I cut up a 1”x1” piece of sponge to wash my backpacking pot out after meals. I don't use soap, but if you do make sure its biodegradable so as to not harm the waterways.

Sleeping Pad- Therm A Rest Neo Air XLite

Pillow- Currently broken. Will be ordering a new one.

Sleeping bag- I personally own a REI synthetic 20 degree bag, but have used the Feathered Friends Hummingbird 20 provided by work for three years. Great bag

Tent- I personally own a cheap 2 person North Face tent but at work I have used the Big Agnes Copper Spur and Fly Creek. I personally prefer the Copper Spur for the side entrance, but both are great.

Notebook- Rite in the Rain notebook

Pen- I usually pack a few and have one in my first aid kit for work

Book- I still carry paperback books instead of a kindle

Headlamp- Petzl Actik

First Aid Kit- Big first aid kit for work. I store all the contents in a Patagonia Black Hole cube. Contents will be in a different article.

Earbuds- Wired earbuds (less things to charge)

Eye Mask- I like sleeping in and it can get sunny, early. Also the moon can be pretty bright.

Trekking Poles- Black Diamond Trail Back

Map- Always carry a paper map!

Camera- make sure it's charged.

Trash Bag- I use this for cleaning up other people's trash, but a trash bag can also be used for rain protection.

InReach- work provided. I prefer the Explorer+ over the mini as the ability to type on the Explorer+ is worth the extra weight to me.

Bear Canister- I own the BV500. Work provided me with the Wild Ideas bear canister which is great and lightweight but a lot more money. Also the Wild Ideas bear canister is sharp around the edges and can slowly chafe at your backpack.

Quarters- If you use the Wild Ideas Bear Canister you need something to open it with. I find quarters work best.

Toothbrush and Paste- A travel sized toothbrush and paste work great.

Trowel- GSI Outdoors Cathole Sanitation Trowel

Toilet Paper- I guess how much I will use each day and fold it into a sandwich bag.

Sandwich Bag- Designated for dirty toilet paper

Hand Sanitizer-mini bottle

Rain Jacket-

Long Johns- 32 degree heat

Socks- I typically carry two to three pears of socks. I alternate between Injinji socks and Darn Tough.

Ball Cap- Patagonia Duckbill

Beanie- I have a generic beanie which I found and has no brand on it.

Sandals- Bedrock

Face Mask

Pants- Patagonia Quandary

Shoes- I currently wear the Salomon XA Pro 3D V8. I will likely switch this year. I love my Hoka Challengers but they wouldn't hold up on rougher trails.

Shirt- Quechua t-shirt

Sun Shirt- Outdoor Research Astroman Sun Hoodie

Underwear- Exofficio Give-N-Go 2.0

Water purifier- Platypus GravityWorks Filter System Bottle Kit - 2 Liter

SmartWater Bottle x2 1 Liter- I typically carry 1L of water with me at a time, but I like having two bottles as a backup or for at camp.

Iodine and neutralizer- Backup incase something happens to my water filter

Credit Card- Can be used to buy something if you leave the trail and used to remove a bee stinger.

Cell Phone

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